Athens airport invites all to a ‘Book Before the Flight’

Actively participating in the Athens World Book Capital events, Athens International Airport (AIA) invites all travelers to indulge in a “Book Before the Flight” and visit the ongoing “Airportraits!” exhibit to run through to April.

Travelers going through Athens Airport now have the chance to pick up a book written by acclaimed Greek writers and translated into English as part of the “Athens as a Book” initiative.

Mini libraries have been set up in the departure areas so that passengers can first ‘travel’ through the verse of Greek literature greats, before setting off.

At the same time, travelers will also have the chance to visit the #AthensAirportraits! exhibit featuring 52 photo stories – one for each week of the year – created by writers Thodoris Georgakopoulos and Stella Kasdagli, together with photographer Efstathia Kosti, who interviewed passengers about their airport experience.

The show runs through the end of March at the airport’s Athens Suburban Railway (Proastiakos) station.

AIA and the Athens Municipality have worked together to promote Athens World Book Capital events and activities, which have included over 250 book-related events across the Greek capital, including reading happenings, seminars and conferences, workshops and competitions, activities for adults and kids.

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