British Parliament votes on hard Brexit

The British Parliament on Tuesday night experienced a kind of shock treatment when the majority Members of Parliament (MPs) outvoted Prime Minister Theresa May’s new divorce deal snapped up with European authorities. Britain has entered a cycle of political turbulence and within days crucial decisions must be made about the country’s future within Europe. Last minute deliberations with European authorities were proven in the end largely futile. Of the 633 MPs present in Tuesday’s voting process, 391 voted against the British Prime Minister’s new deal while 242 endorsed the plan. The problem with this rejection lies in that the fifth largest economy in the world currently sail in unchartered waters.

So far there are four plausible scenarios about Britain to be decided by British MPs on the forthcoming days. The formal Brexit deadline approaches on 29th of March. The first scenario is a positive vote in Wednesday’s parliamentary discussion about the possibility of a disorderly, hard Brexit. In case British MPs endorse the disorderly Brexit question, the schism between Britain and Europe is projected to be abrupt and produce unforeseen outcomes in world politics. The second scenario is Thursday’s vote on delaying Brexit’s current deadline which might be possibly agreed. Outside these two scenarios, the possibility of snap elections or hosting another referendum should not be written off.

For her part, Prime Minister May has not revealed any indications of resignation due to the second worst down-voting of her proposal since the January 2019 vote. Instead, the British Prime Minister may also make a third and last attempt to unite MPs around a new Brexit deal with Europe in the coming days, even though this fifth scenario seems to be the most distant of all.

In relation to Wednesday’s disorderly Brexit vote, the British Prime Minister argued that she would not apply a party line with respect to voting and allow MPs decide on their own about the country’s future. The international community is anxious that a positive vote on disorderly Brexit on Wednesday will bring market instability, given the uncalculated costs and unforeseen consequences of such a decision. European Union officials acknowledged that a no-deal Brexit is a plausible scenario after Tuesday’s downvoted proposal, even though deliberations between Brussels and London will intensify in coming days, in anticipation of the 29 March deadline.

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