Dimitris Tzanakopoulos: SYRIZA’s euroballot will reflect its aim to create a progressive front

SYRIZA’s euroballot will give flesh to its strategic choice for the creation of a broad progressive front against neoliberalism, austerity and the far-right, noted State Minister and government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos speaking on Tuesday.

Asked if the conditions for the creation of such a front exist, Tzanakopoulos said that there is a favourable political and social ground due to the Movement for Change (KINAL) shifting to the right. “Especially after the Prespes Agreement and after KINAL’s adoption of a political position that identified with New Democracy, I think a vacuum was formed and, as you know, politics and life hate a vacuum.

On the European elections, Tzanakopoulos said that “they will bring a strong political clash to the fore and SYRIZA could well be shown to be the foremost political force in Greece”.

He said that “it will be an election that will, to a large extent, determine Europe’s future.  There is an effort for the creation of a [extreme right-wing] international in Europe, by extreme neoliberals on the one hand and extreme right-wingers, racists, bigots and nationalists on the other hand, which in reality place the process of European integration at risk.”

On the fact that the Eurogroup did not approve the disbursement of the roughly 1 billion euros tranche to Greece on Monday, Tzanakopoulos said that it does not create any problems.

Finally, on the new framework for the protection of the primary residences, he said that some technical details were still pending on how it will be applied by the non-systemic banks if voted into law.

Source ANA-MPA
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