Mattel modelled the first Greek Barbie doll in NASA’s outstanding researcher Eleni Antoniadou

Mattel, the renowned producer of Barbie dolls jointly celebrated the 60th anniversary of Barbie and International Women’s Day on 8 March. On this occasion, Mattel distributed to public a series of Barbie dolls made after honourable women that deserve universal acclaim. These women are excellent role models and sources of inspiration for younger generations, incentivising them pursue their dreams and achieve excellence in their desired careers. As part of this programme, Mattel decided to develop a new Barbie made after Greek renowned scientist and NASA researcher Eleni Antoniadou.

Dr. Eleni Antoniadou is the first Greek Barbie Role Model to be honoured for her extensive work on developing innovative treatments based on artificial organ transplantations. The 31-year old doctor is a highly-proficient researcher in three fields: Artificial Organ Bioengineering, Regenerative Medicine, and Space Medicine. Dr. Antoniadou has extensively researched 3D-bioprinting for creating new equipment in space and stem cell therapies for regenerating body organs and parts.

Dr. Antoniadou was voted Woman of the Year in 2013 at the reception held by FDM Everywoman in Technology Awards at London. The Greek scientist was awarded a prize for creating a technical body part, a trachea, to replace the original one in a terminally-ill cancer patient. The results were excellent and this was the first artificial organ to be successfully infused into a human body in the scientific community.

The Greek Observer Editorial Team warmly congratulates Dr. Eleni Antoniadou for her current feats and is extremely hopeful about her future successes!!!

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