Helexpo Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre undergoes modernisation

Municipal authorities have initiated public deliberations for the modernisation of the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre (Helexpo). So far plans have been submitted for the creation of new exhibition spaces, commercial areas, and a metropolitan park in the surroundings of the venue. The master plan also envisages the creation of facilities to accommodate the demands of visitors attending the venue as part of international tourism exhibitions and congresses.

Public authorities have mobilised public deliberations for the master plan for the Helexpo centre, the official venue of the Thessaloniki International Fair. Authorities seek to constitute the venue the epicentre of attention in Thessaloniki by 2026. The tentative timeline set out by the authorities envisions the construction period to begin by 2023 and restoration works to be finalised by early 2026. In 2006, the Thessaloniki International Fair celebrates the 100th anniversary of the annual exhibition and the revamped Helexpo centre aims to host the centurial commemoration receptions.

The Helexpo exhibition space covers an area of 50.000 square metres. Environmentally-friendly architectural plans envisage to build a new conference centre, a luxurious hotel and underground parking facilities. These will be complemented by the existing Palais de Sport stadium. The Palais de Sport stadium, more widely known as the Nick Gallis Hall, the OTE Tower and the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art will link new buildings with the Helexpo centre’s rich centurial heritage. Architectural master plans for the Helexpo centre’s rebuilding will be finalised by 2021 and the projected expenses are expected to reach roughly €120 million. The supreme court of Greece, the Council of State, will supervise the Helexpo centre’s reconstruction works and give the green light to the submitted master plan. The Thessaloniki International Fair currently represents a leading commercial exhibition in the Balkans held annual and constituting Thessaloniki a trade hub in the region. Helexpo centre’s renovations aim to accentuate the commercial importance of the annual Fair and reaffirm the role of Thessaloniki as a city-hub in the Balkans.


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