All the more Czech vacationers eyeing Crete in 2019

All the more Czech travelers have their sights set on visiting Crete this year, with prebooking figures on the rise, according to data collected by Crete Region authorities at the Holiday World Praha travel fair held in Prague last month.

Crete regional authorities and Prague tourist agents and operators met to discuss further boosting incoming flows from the Czech Republic after findings of increased demand. 

A comprehensive selection of Crete tourism offerings was presented, including special interest tourism, theme oriented products, and alternative forms of tourism to be included in programs by Czech tour operators.

In terms of interest and demand, sea and sun holidays are at the top of Czech traveler preferences, followed by gastronomy, culture and archaeology, nature activities and authentic experiences.

“Through strategic planning, Crete has in recent years reached out to the European market. With initiatives and targeted actions, it has managed to attract visitors beyond its traditional source markets, such as Germany and the UK. One of the markets that is increasingly showing a preference for Crete is the Czech Republic,” said Crete Tourism Commissioner Michalis Vamiedakis.

Vamiedakis went on to note that the number of holidaymakers from the Czech Republic is on the rise, “visiting Crete en masse in order to experience Cretan hospitality, high quality services and naturally to enjoy the island’s unique natural wealth, sea and sun”.

Crete’s tourism commissioner added that despite making a up a small piece of the market, Czech travelers have “a steady presence in Crete in recent years” opting for both the island’s large resorts as well as for lesser known destinations.

In the meantime, the Region of Crete was named “Best Region”, “Best Gastronomy Destination”, and “Best Adventure Destination” (bronze) at the 1st Greek Travel Awards held in Stockholm, Sweden, last month.

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