Venezuelan government aircraft mysteriously landed in Athens International Airport

A mysterious diplomatic incident came to press on Tuesday, involving an aircraft, Venezuelan officials, Greek Civil Aviation authorities and Athens International Airport. According to Skai TV an aircraft, flying under the sign marks of Venezuela’s government, was landed at Athens International Airport last Saturday. In the aircraft, it was alleged that Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza was onboard.

The Skai TV reportage argued that the aircraft had also asked to land in other European airports before Athens but its petition was rejected. The Civil Aviation Authority argued that the aircraft’s movements were part of an ordinary flight, travelling through the Greek Airspace after having acquired all the necessary permissions and documentations.

Venezuelan Aircraft’s Flight Schedule

The aircraft’s flight plan revealed that it flew off Abu Dhabi International Airport in United Arab Emirates roughly early in Saturday morning. By 13.00 the aircraft had safely landed in Athens. The aircraft must have followed the route most Middle Eastern airlines adopt, flying over Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

During aircraft refuelling operations, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister has been alleged to be seated in the VIP lounge of the Airport. There he met officials from the Venezuelan Embassy in Athens. During his time at the lounge, the Venezuelan Minister did not come into contact with other people, except for Venezuelan embassy’s staff. Finally, the aircraft flew off late in the afternoon towards Cape Verde, an isle state located west off Africa’s Mauritania.

The Aircraft Case in Greek Parliament

Government officials dismissed the outburst of a scandal in this case, acknowledging instead that the Venezuelan aircraft temporarily landed in Athens purely for refuelling operations. Nonetheless, opposition party New Democracy spokesperson, Mrs. Maria Spyraki demanded from the government a persuasive explanation over why the Civil Aviation Authority permitted the Venezuelan aircraft to land in Athens, even for refuelling purposes, at a time when several other European countries denied this claim. The ND spokesperson also argued that the aircraft might have been engaged in illicit activities, transferring gold, government officials and their families out of Venezuela. Other press leakages that similar flights from Venezuela to Athens also took place in previous months have not yet been substantiated.

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