French Ambassador welcomed Latouche Treville Frigate at Piraeus Port

French Ambassador in Athens, Christophe Chantepy visited the French Latouche-Treville frigate, which arrived at the port of Piraeus on Wednesday.  The French Ambassador issued a statement onboard the frigate about Greece’s deep ties with France and the presence of convergent interests in the areas of foreign affairs, defence and international security. Ambassador Chantepy acknowledged that Greece is a sister country, and an active trend-setter in political developments within the European Union and NATO ranks. The French Ambassador also hailed Greece for its commitment to solve the inherent problems in the Balkan region with the conclusion of the Prespes Agreement.

Areas of Cooperation

Besides these general remarks, the French Ambassador deepened his discussion with press officials about Athens-Paris convergent ties. The French government’s top representative in Greece appreciated Athens recent efforts to mould strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The French head diplomat congratulated Athens-Nicosia joint initiative to establish a strategic quartet with Egypt and Israel in the field of energy and welcomed the conduct of joint exercises in the region. Further, the French delegate also revealed that Paris has requested from the quartet to participate in future defence drills. France’s participation in the strategic quarter envisions its upgrade into a formidable quintet which would protect the East Mediterranean equilibrium and welfare of citizens in the region.

Finally, the French Ambassador also touched upon the issue of military armaments. He lauded both countries for strong commercial ties of their defence industries and cited the example of Mirage 2000 fighter jets to underscore the potential for affluent cooperation between the two states.

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