Replay! Tamta releases Cyprus’ Eurovision 2019 song…and a thoroughly urban music video

Greek-Georgian goddess Tamta was announced as Eleni Foureira’s successor back in December. And ever since then Eurovision fans have been waiting to hear “Replay”. The snippet left us wanting more. Now our appetites are fully sated with the full release of this toe-tapping, addictive and thoroughly contemporary track. Say it with me now: The hype is real.

The song has an infectious quality that starts from the opening bars. On-point production set the modern vibe into motion before Tamta uses her sensual voice to tell a story of romantic, and dare we say lustful, obsession. The song builds to a horn-fuelled chorus that’s really pumped up by the bass. Your body literally reverberates.

The playful lyrics cast Tamta as a temptress who knowingly sends a man spinning into madness. Thinking of Tamta, he just can’t sleep.

You got a problem,
Two am I’m in your head,
Let’s just be honest tonight.

Me I can solve it,
You’re twisting, turning in your bed
The sheets need my body tonight

The song is mainstream, radio-friendly and very now. The music video gives it all a bit of edge and grit, delivering a product that’s more avant-garde and out there. We see Tamta playing the role of enchantress in several guises — from pink-veiled other-worldly beauty to Dominatrix in black (chains included) to urban swag-inista watching over a group shower scene.

Let’s be honest tonight: This is next level fabulous!

Tamta at Eurovision

Back in January, Tamta caught up with wiwibloggs in Athens. This was her first Eurovision interview since being announced as the Cypriot entry. She discussed her attempt to represent Greece in 2007 with the song “With Love” and coming close to representing them in 2015 with “Unloved“. In 2019, she will finally grace the Eurovision stage and she isn’t unloved any more.

Tamta has an enviable record collaborating with Eurovision stars of the past. She has worked with Eurovision 2005 winner Helena Paparizou, Eurovision 2018 golden boy Mikolas Josef and perennial Eurovision hopeful M I H A I. She has also collaborated with numerous artists from Greece and Georgia. She’s great in groups, but Tamta’s next big adventure will be totally solo (bar, we expect, a few dancers).