Nikos Pappas: SYRIZA will come first in the European elections

SYRIZA will come first in the elections for the European parliament because the people understand how crucial they are,” Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media Minister Nikos Pappas said, speaking on Monday.

Pappas predicted a mass turnout for the European elections and a result that will dissolve “the virtual reality of a massive New Democracy (ND, main opposition) leads in the polls”.

Referring to the date of the national elections and opinion polls, he said that the general elections will “be held toward the end of the year.” According to Pappas, ND’s fear is that, as time goes by, people will come to understand that a progressive Left policy mix can get the economy and society back onto its feet.

Regarding developments in the European political landscape, Pappas said that “fascism is threatening the future of the next generations.”

On the election of the President of Republic he said: “Prokopios Pavlopoulos had a successful term and we believe he is suitable for this position.”

Talking about the efforts to broaden support among progressive forces that might back the government’s policy, Pappas said that there was a “constant and persistent” effort for “an alignment of the Leftist progressive forces to build a progressive front that will support equitable growth.”

Pappas predicted that SYRIZA will come first in the national elections, also. “In the progressive forces, each will make his or her choices and either get the credit for a good choice or pay the price.”

Source ANA-MPA
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