ND charges that Tsipras government trying to avoid setting up EP ballot boxes for Greeks in UK; FM refers to ‘fake news’

The Tsipras government and main opposition New Democracy (ND) party continued to trade back-and-forth charges on Monday over press claims that Athens will not set up ballot boxes at Greek diplomatic missions in the UK for the May European Parliament election, ostensibly citing “Brexit”.

The speculation even earned the leftist government a reprimand by Manfred Weber, the outgoing leader of the EPP grouping in the Euro-Parliament and a declared candidate as the next EU Commission president. ND is part of the EPP family.

“Mr. Katrougalos, instead of lobbing slanders over fake news … should answer the following simple question: Can a Greek (citizen) residing in Great Britain register – as he/she has a right to do – at the Greek embassy in order to vote in the European Parliament elections? The answer is no, no matter what the fake minister of foreign affairs says…” ND charged a statement.

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