Prime Minister Zaev rebuked pamphlet irredentism in Greek villages, while Foreign Minister Dimitrov praised Greece for concluding Prespes Agreement

North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev publicly condemned the distribution of pamphlets across several villages in Northern Greece, calling in for greater autonomy of Slavic-Macedonian linguistic villages. The Skopje government notified their Prime Minister whist on official visit to Austria, to meet with Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Skopje government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski publicly decried irredentist acts which undermine the principles of Prespes Agreement. Pamphlets were distributed in the cities of Florina and Serres and called for greater political autonomy of the so-called Slavic-Macedonian villages. According to the renowned Slavologist and President of the Macedonian Confederation of the Macedonian Conflict between Greece and Australia, Michalis Chrysanthakopoulos, local residents reported to police authorities about shady people distributing pamphlets with irredentist content.

Meanwhile, North Macedonia Foreign Minister, Nikola Dimitrov, spoke at the Delphi Economic Forum on Friday. He praised Greece and acknowledged that the Athens greatly improved its reputation both regionally and globally by ratifying the Prespes Agreement and solving a decade-long name dispute. The Foreign Minister also commented on the potential of concluding a strategic partnership with Greece in due course, across several areas of public interest including among others security, infrastructure, and commercial relations. With respect to commerce, North Macedonian Minister claimed that Greece is the second most important business partner for Skopje, with Germany retaining the first place.

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