Alitalia celebrated business performance with a World Party reception in Athens

Italian airline carrier Alitalia hosted a World Party reception for its Greek customer base last week. The Roof Stage of Gazarte venue at Gazi hosted the reception. Alitalia’s World Party was a celebration of the airline carrier’s strategic partnerships and commercial relations with Greek affiliates and the broader public. The party was attended by important stakeholders in the travel and aviation industries, airport officials and tourism representatives. The honourable Italian Ambassador to Greece Efisio Luigi Marras was also present at the event.

Numerous spectacles took place within the Gazarte’s premises but the most important one was the provision a three-dimensional (3D) flight and lounge services experience to party attendees. Alitalia officials gave party attendees virtual reality tours with the Oculus Go headset devices within the compartments of an Airbus A330 and the company’s premium lounge area in Rome’s Fiumicino Airport. This is the renowned Lounge Casa Alitalia, located on Airport’s Terminal 1, Boarding Area E. In addition to this experience, the airline carrier’s staff also provided a virtual reality booth, the so-called Orbital Glam, wherein party attendees could record 360-degrees videos or take panoramic pictures. Besides virtual reality technology, Alitalia officials also provided attendees with culinary flavours and renowned Italian beverages, accompanied by live music sets. The party culminated in a marvellous stage appearance by the Greek band Onirama, who played songs of Greek, Italian and international origin.

Alitalia’s Vice President for Leisure Sales, Nicola Bonnacchi, welcome the party guests and referred to the company’s ongoing business efforts to become a market leader in the Mediterranean world. Vice President Bonnachi also thanked customers for voting the company as the second most punctual airline in the world for 2019 – a prize acclaimed for a second consecutive year after 2018. Alitalia’s Vice President concluded his speech with an announcement of new flights to Athens from Sardinia Airport by early April and the initiation of a Rome-Washington route beginning in early May. Greek customers are envisaged to be served from this route as well, through transit options.

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