British Prime Minister Theresa May presented a roadmap for realisation of three Brexit scenarios

British Prime Minister Theresa May presented on Tuesday an outline of the future steps the British parliament will take in the coming days. These are closely related with the forthcoming Brexit scheduled to take place on 29 March.

The first scenario that the British Prime Minister presented to other Parliamentary Members (MPs) was that she would negotiate with her European counterparts and bring to the House of Commons by 12 March a new Brexit proposal. In case this proposal is declined by a parliamentary vote, Prime Minister May will host on 13 March a second vote about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.  A vote on a no-deal proposal is a strategic initiative set off by the British Prime Minister to hold the British Parliament’s MPs accountable for the country’s future trajectory after expiration of the 29 March deadline.

In case the no-deal Brexit option is also not endorsed, the British Prime Minister would then hold on 14 March another vote for the possible prolongation of Article 50 deliberations for another two years. This development also coincides with European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker statement last week that all E.U. member-states would endorse a possible extension of Brexit negotiations.

The future course of action set out by the British Prime Minister on Tuesday is the first concrete roadmap presented in Europe about the potential Brexit options. The roadmap was an outcome of underground threats by ministers and Conservative Party MPs of revolting against Mrs. May’s leadership. The mutiny vote would then result into an immediate parliamentary amendment, initiated by pro-Remain supporters, effectively ruling out no-deal Brexit. The new roadmap gave Prime Minister May some time to negotiate a new Brexit proposal. In a different case scenario, the British Prime Minister would endorse the Labour Party’s request on a public vote both for no-deal Brexit and Bremain alternatives.

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