Turkey’s Blue Motherland exercise severely undermines Greece and Cyprus sovereignty rights

Turkey announced on Monday the initiation of the renowned Mavi Vatan (Blue Motherland) military exercise on 27 February. The Turkish press considers Blue Motherland a formal rehearsal of military operations which underscore the limits and potential capabilities of Turkish armed forces.

The Blue Motherland exercise also dispatches a threatening message to Greece, Cyprus and other regional adversaries including Egypt and Israel. This is the message of war to adversaries who recently have established a strategic quarter based on gas exploration partnerships in their territorial waters – a development which effectively precludes Ankara from pursuing its interests in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

These tactical manoeuvres will take place on a massive aquatic scale, approximately 462.000 square kilometres, isolating concurrently parts of the Aegean, Black and Eastern Mediterranean Seas. Turkish forces have issued a NAVTEX effectively secluding areas around the island of Kastelorizo and blocks within Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The military exercise is expected to last until 08 March.

More than hundred vessels and special forces teams will partake in the joint exercise. Turkish militant actions attempt to coerce neighbouring states to respect Ankara’s pursuit of regional interests including among others co-administration in Cyprus EEZ blocks and expanded freedoms within the allegedly greyed areas of the Aegean Sea including the Castelorizo region – which effectively connects Cyprus with Greece’s territorial waters.

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