Horror for passengers in Sky Express flight Athens-Limnos

A horror flight for passengers of Sky Express from Athens to the island of Limnos on Monday night, Feruary 25, 2019. Fifteen minutes after the takeoff, a deafening noise was heard, and the aircraft began to tremble very loudly.

Immediately panic broke out in the cabin, passenger wore life-jackets and encouraged each other.

Characteristic of the atmosphere was that a seat handle was broken.

The pilot returned the plane to Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos and landed the plane safely.

Ambulances were stand-by and offered first aid to passengers. One woman had fainted and another got a panic attack with the result that she had to spend the night in Athens.

While the company offered the passenger to fly to the island with another aircraft, some decided to stay in Athens.

“We are still shivering, we almost fell,” a passenger told the local radio up her arrival in Limnos. “Fifteen minutes after the takeoff, we were told that the plane had to return because the wheels would not go up,” the woman said.

“One woman fainted during the flight and another suffered a panic attack, but a doctor was on the plane,” the passenger added.

On Tuesday, Sky Express issued a statement citing bad weather conditions and indications for a technical issue. Upon return to Athens airport, check controls showed no technical problem the statement said and dismissed media reports that passengers wore life-jackets or that ambulances were needed for the passengers.

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