Lindsay Lohan arrives in Athens and Mykonos

Lindsay Lohan arrived in Athens International Airport on Saturday afternoon. She flew from Dubai International Airport. However, the Hollywood star did not stay in Greece’s capital for long. On Sunday’s early hours, Mrs. Lohan travelled by plane to the island of Mykonos. The 32-year-old Hollywood star was accompanied by her 24-year-old sister Aliana. Aliana Lohan issued her first single in the U.S. music market in November 2018, entitled Long Way Down.

Upon their arrival to Mykonos airport, the Lohan family visited their beach club to supervise in person filming preparations for her reality show projected in MTV Channel. The reality show is entitled Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club and the Hollywood actress visited Greece to film new episodes for her production. Once episode filming operations finished, Mrs. Lohan uploaded in her social media profiles videos and pictures from the Mykonos club. The MTV reality show projects Lindsay Lohan’s efforts to develop from scratch her nightclub brand.

In October 2016, Lindsay Lohan invested in Athens opening up in cooperation with Dennis Papageorgiou the renowned Lohan Nightclub, located in the heart of Athens, off the Gazi Square. A year later, Mrs. Lohan opened the Mykonos club. Currently, Mrs. Lohan’s brand has also set up a new Lohan nightclub in the island of Rhodes.


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