Greek Breakfast enters the menus of international hotel chains

The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels hosted a culinary reception last week in Athens to familiarise foreign delegations with the Greek Breakfast initiative. The Greek Breakfast initiative was conceived in 2010. The business programme aspires to educate major hotel chains to integrate raw materials, culinary flavours and traditional recipes from the Greek cuisine into their breakfast menus.

The reception was hosted in the Life Gallery Athens hotel. Foreign delegations from more than eleven countries attended the event including among others France, Australia, South Korea, Argentina and Lebanon. Mr. Yiannis Baksevanis was the chef in charge for the event. His culinary group provided foreign emissaries with traditional Greek breakfast and brunch recipes both of sweet and salty flavours.

The rationale behind the Greek Breakfast initiative was to deepen tourism cooperation ties with new and existing markets. The initiative represents part of the national strategy to reinvigorate efforts in the tourism sector to constitute Greece as the ideal destination for year-round vacations. The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels aspires to familiarise several distant markets with the Greek Breakfast initiative in the coming months. The forthcoming event wherein the initiative is scheduled to take place would be within the ITB Berlin 2019 premises hosted in Germany from 06 until 10 March 2019.

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