Greece-Qatar Business Council to head Greek Business Mission in Moushtarayat 2019 Conference and Exhibition

The Greece-Qatar Business Council officially announced its participation last week within the ranks of the 4th Government Procurement and Contracting Conference and Exhibition. The so-called Moushtarayat 2019 Conference and Exhibition will be held in Doha. The event’s doors will open on 3 April 2019.

The Greece-Qatar Business Council will be headed by its Chairman, Panagiotis Mihalos. The mission will also comprise a group of Greek companies, which will accompany the Greek mission in Doha. The Greek mission will comprise representatives from the construction, energy and telecommunications industries, tourism, logistics and real estate businesses.

The construction industry representatives will be the featured guests of the Moushtarayat 2019 conference. Within the Moushtarayat 2019 mandate, the Greece-Qatar Business Council will host a workshop for construction companies. The workshop will be attended by the Ashgal Public Works Authority of Qatar and the Qatari Foreign Ministry officials. The Qatari delegations will negotiate tendering projects and establish public-private partnership schemes worth €10 billion.

This year’s conference will attract greater international representation in anticipation of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which dictates the development of new, last-minute, infrastructural projects within the emirate. The Qatari officials view the Moushtarayat 2019 as the ideal context upon which Greek construction companies will share business insight with their Middle Eastern counterparts to internationalise their operations, and will engage into joint business ventures that would revitalise the domestic construction industry.

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