Director Costas Zapas to revisit Mary Shelley classic with new film ‘Frankenstein’

Loyal to making cinema in his strong signature style, Greek director Costas Zapas will shortly be returning to the cinemas with a new film called “Φrankenstein (Love Me Back to Life)” it was announced on Thursday.

An eerie fairytale, with photography that comes close to black-and-white alongside colourful, hyperrealistic effects and animations, the film is an alternative take on Mary Shelley’s classic novel “ Frankenstein”.

“I always wanted to make a fresh version of this gothic, romantic story which will reintroduce the novel’s famous characters for a new generation of actors,” Zapas said.

The film, which the crew is about to start shooting in Athens, is produced jointly by Greek MPFilms and German Dreamfilms Gmbh. The script is based partly on Mary Shelley’s famous novel and partly on a book written by Zapas himself that was published in Greece and the US under the title “Frankenstein REC”.

“For the first time in the history of Frankenstein film adaptations, the protagonists will have the same age as the characters in Mary Shelley’s novel, i.e. will be adolescents,” Zapas said..

“It will also be one of the few times that the story will be set in the present day, with all the characters being transferred with the names they had in the original,” he added, and described the project as an original idea that has attracted international interest.

The film tells the story of a mysterious theatre troupe that is touring with a play about Frankenstein, currently playing in the deserted theatre of a provincial town. An ambitious young journalist at the local television channel becomes convinced that the story of Frankenstein, far from being a literary invention, in fact disguises the true and very dark story of a group of alchemists which, in 1817, led by the young doctor Victor Frankenstein, managed to defeat death and come back to life after having crossed over to the world of the dead. Eventually, the young journalist’s research takes her to a world full of monsters and leads her to discover the secret of an eternal love that managed to remain alive even past the threshold of death.

The two main parts will be played by actress and ballet dancer Elli Tsitsipa and debutant actor Antonis Goritsas, while cast in the role of De Lacey, a blind man with a lot of secrets, will be Greek-Australian actor Louis Mandylor, who is also an executive producer of the film.

In statements, Mandylor described the man he is playing as “an ageless, wise but also broken soul.”

Source ANA-MPA