British Ambassador in Athens congratulated Greece for protecting legal status of Britons after Brexit

Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs concluded an important arrangement with Britain’s Foreign Office on Tuesday regarding the status of Britons residing in Greece in the aftermath of Brexit deadline. As things stand, Brexit is scheduled to take place on 29 March 2019. Until then, Britain has a myriad of legislative, bureaucratic and political issues to solve. A principal point of contention among others is the accommodation and protection of legal rights of British citizens residing overseas and in E.U. territory upon initiation of Brexit.

The Greek Foreign Minister Giorgos Katrougalos undertook an initiative on Tuesday and dispatched a letter to the British Foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt. In the letter, the Greek Minister underscored the Greek state’s ongoing efforts to establish a veil of protection for the legal rights of British citizens residing and/or vacating in Greece after the 29th March deadline. The letter reassured the British government of the longstanding ties between the two countries and argued that British citizens would always be welcome in Greece and enjoy the local hospitality. Further, the Greek Minister informed his British counterpart that fast-track legislative responses are being drafted in the Hellenic Parliament to protect and best accommodate the interests of British expats in Greece in the post-Brexit environment.

For her part, the British Ambassador to Greece Kate Smith lauded the written correspondence between the two ministers in a relevant tweet-message on Tuesday. The British Ambassador expressed her delight over the Greek Government’s legislative responses to protect the rights of British citizens in Greece and mentioned the longstanding ties between the two countries.

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