Antonis Tritsis Park to host Karl Marx ‘solidarity’ exhibition

Following its success on Syntagma Square and Nea Philadelphia district, a two-day event full of interaction, discussion and acquaintance with the work and theory of Karl Marx is offered in the park of Antonis Tritsis, Athens on March 2-3. Behind this initiative lie the MEP Constantina Kuneva and the heads of the municipal movements of Ilion, “Solidarity City”, Kostas Kavouras and Petroupolis, “Active Citizens”, Manolis Bouzounis. The main topic of their speeches will be the future of the municipalities both of Greece and Europe.

“The key word is solidarity and Karl Marx’s vision for different organisation of society based on collective interest and common action can offer much to the crucial challenges that lie before us in order to change Europe, our country and our neighbourhoods,” stated SYRIZA MEP Constantina Kuneva on Wednesday.

She added that, “I was delighted to welcome the suggestion of the two municipal movements’ leaders of Ilion, Kostas Kavouras and Petroulopouli, Manolis Busouni, in order to organize this two-day event together in the Tritsi Park, which is a beautiful place for the western districts of Athens. They are two young people with a vision of better local societies, neighborhoods of solidarity.”

For his part, Mr. Kavouras stressed that “the idea and, ultimately, the decision to host this event in our neighborhoods, has arisen. Firstly because we believe that it is very important to discuss Marx’s work and how this is reflected nowadays. Secondly, we want to take advantage of the park’s premises by organizing similar events since we understand that this park beyond its character as an emblematic green space, can also be a living workshop where a series of cultural, political and other type of events will take place. ”

The dicussion will be held on Sunday at 11:30 in the events hall at the “Othonian Court” where the exhibition is taking place. The documentary film “Marx reloaded” by Jason Barker will be screened on Saturday at 13:00 and on Sunday at 14:00 in the same venue.

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