Athens-based company takes Euripides-inspired play to London theatre

“Phaedra”, a play directed by Avra Sidiropoulou of Persona Theatre Company, had its London premier at the Tristan Bates Theatre on Monday.

The play, which brings together Greek, Cypriot and UK artists, will be performed in the English language nine times before premiering in Athens in autumn 2019.

The show aspires to provide a new reading of Euripides’ classic story of Phaedra and Hippolytus. Through the use of multimedia, the play’s single actor, Elena Pellone, will be conversing throughout the play with all the other characters in the tragedy – Hippolytus, Theseus and Aphrodite.

Sidiropoulou, who is also Assistant Professor of Theatre Studies at the University of Cyprus, spoke about the innovation of introducing digital technology to render the classic and poetic text of Euripides and expressed the opinion that “Phaedra oscillates between the myth of the paradoxical queen and the psychological ambiguity experienced by modern man.”

Performances will run until Saturday, February 23.

Source ANA-MPA