First energy leadership summit to be held in Athens in June 2019

Athens will host in June 2019 its first Annual Energy Leadership Summit. The official announcement was made last week within the context of a Transatlantic Leadership Network Conference which took place in Washington. The conference titled Mediterranean Basin: Opportunities and Obstacles amassed several key stakeholders from the energy and finance industries to discuss the long-term sustainability of renewable energy schemes in the Mediterranean region.

The strategic objective of the first energy leadership summit to be held in Athens in the forthcoming summer lies in constituting an official forum on clean-energy resources. In this forum, policymakers and important stakeholders from the business community and other institutions would have the opportunity to discuss the importance of renewable resources in the modern economy. These forums also serve the purpose of initiating new business ventures in the clean energy sector and triggering legislative responses to environmental protection issues.

Greece has already become an important stakeholder in renewable energy resources. Its natural habitat creates a unique competitive advantage for creating new energy mixes made from the compilation of different natural resources. Solar power is an integral part to Greece’s efforts to develop a green economy. The country is among the most benefitted ones in the world, enjoying endless summer periods, with exposure to direct sunlight occurring even in the coldest days of the winter.

Besides solar power, the Greek islands have the inherent capability to accumulate energy resources from wind and hydro-powered projects. Public-private partnerships have already formulated business plans for developing renewable energy projects across several Greek islands, seeking to constitute them energy efficient entities, particularly during summertime when electricity demands peak.

The first energy leadership summit will be hosted by the Transatlantic Leadership Network in close cooperation with the Department of European and International Studies, University of Piraeus. Logistical support to the summit will be given by Symeon G. Tsomokos SA, an international business communications enterprise. The Office of the Presidency of the Hellenic Republic and the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy, will also feature as official honorees in the summit.

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