The Balkans can become a region of co-growth, Pappas says

Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas in a statement on Sunday referred to the issues he will discuss during his two-day official visit to North Macedonia.

“We will discuss the potentials for cooperation in the fields of technology, e-distribution of documents in the public sector, the transformation of the agriculture sector and other potentials we have in the field of telecommunications.
In parallel, he underlined that “provided that Greece is the largest country in the area it has more reasons to want the relations among the countries to be smooth and to offer the potential of co-growth”.

As he said “the growth prospects of northern Greece are those that have been betrayed in the past from the impasses created in our foreign policy. These potentials are now starting to emerge”.

Referring to the future Pappas said that “the region of the Balkans can become a region of co-growth and from now either Greece will be the protagonist or this prospect will be undermined again”. However, he said that “I believe that both the people and the political leadership have the sense of responsibility in order, all together, to set as priority, along with the organised entrepreneurship, the existing potentials in the region”.

Source ANA-MPA
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