Tourism Minister Kountoura declared honorary member of Mediterranean Tourism Foundation

Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura was declared honorary member of the board of the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation following president of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca proposal, in recognition of Greece’s leading role in the growth of tourism in the region of the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean Tourism Foundation is Malta’s president international initiative and is cooperating closely with the European Commission and the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) on the formation of international priorities and policies in tourism with epicentre the Mediterranean.

In her speech, Kountoura referred to the Greek tourism policy and the strategy in the last four years that have brought spectacular results in the arrivals and the revenues. She noted the importance of tourism for the countries of the Mediterranean as one of the most productive activities that affect the economy, the society and the environment in total.

She expressed Greece’s support to the president of the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation Tony Zahra and to the general secretary Andrew Agius Muscat in the assumption of initiatives, at international and European level, for the strengthening of tourism as growth sector in the agenda of the Mediterranean countries and European Union’s governments and briefed them on Greek government’s initiative in addressing the Brexit shocks on tourism. A committee will be formed, on Greece’s intervention, to get prepared at technical level of EU state members for tourism, in the context of the extraordinary measures to address the Brexit even in case of UK’s irregular withdrawal.

Moreover, Kountoura participated in a special session of the organisation “Mediterranean Women in Tourism” on the improvement of the woman’s position in the societies of the Mediterranean countries through tourism.

Source ANA-MPA
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