Germany: Syrian former intelligence officials face charges for crimes against humanity

German security forces arrested on Tuesday two Syrian refugees. Both have been indicted with a series of violations, including war crimes, illegal capture, torture and detainment of innocent citizens, and crimes against humanity. The two convicted Syrians were former members of Syria’s General Intelligence Directorate (GID), the leading intelligence agency in the country. The GID is a close ally to President Bashar Al Assad and has been diachronically criticised to have implemented questionable practices to arrest and interrogate dissidents of the regime since the onset of the 2011 civil strife.

The first detainee, codenamed Anwar, was the head of a covert prison facility in Damascus. Intelligence reports argue that the particular prison hosted and tortured more than 2.000 detainees from April 2011 to September 2012. The second detainee, codenamed Eyad, had been an accomplice to Anwar. Eyad was a field agent, who discovered, arrested and interrogated dissenting citizens in Anwar’s prison. A third detainee was also captured in France on Tuesday. He is also alleged to have partaken in the GID torture cycle.

The two intelligence officials were captured in parallel policing operations in Berlin and Rhineland-Palatine region on Tuesday. Both men appear to have fled from Syria in late 2012, masked as war refugees, to escape capture by rival militias.

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