Greece embraces accessible-friendly tourism

The Greek Tourism Ministry has set out new plans to constitute the country an internationally acclaimed destination for travellers with accessibility issues. To this end, the Ministry announced on Tuesday the creation of a new accessibility campaign. The campaign will host renowned Paralympic athletes who will travel across Greece’s renowned summer hotspots and evaluate the standards of accessibility infrastructure.

The campaign will initially focus on the beaches of Alimos in Athens and Ilida in Western Peloponnese. These two places are the most recent ones to have improved their accessibility ratings as part of their overall modernisation of their infrastructural capabilities. Infrastructural modernisation across Greece’s tourist destinations is sponsored by the Integrated Accessible Tourist Marine Destinations initiative.

The accessibility initiative assumed operations in early 2018, having already contributed a lot into modernising accessibility infrastructure in top tourist destinations across Greece. The initiative is part of a joint E.U.-Greece programme set up by the European Regional Development Fund. The Fund has directed €15 million to make Greece’s locations friendlier to people with accessibility issues. The major recipients of the accessibility modernisation campaign are touristic municipalities across Greece and public-private partnerships in hospitality, food and beverage and travel industries. Accessibility-friendly tourism thus becomes a strategic imperative, helping people of all ages and physical limitations to experience the warmth and hospitality of Greece

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