Rain, snow and strong winds expected from Wednesday

The National Meteorological Service (EMY) on Monday forecast that a new cold front is expected to grip Greece as of Wednesday, bringing snow, gale-force northerly winds, storms and a significant drop in temperature.

In view of the bad weather, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection (GSCP) issued a warning, informing all pertinent state services and all regions and municipalities in the country to be prepared to deal with any problems the severe weather may cause.

Furthermore, the GSCP advised citizens to be particularly vigilant and take measures to protect themselves from weather-related dangers.

Specifically, in areas expected to experience heavy rainfall, storms and strong winds, citizens are advised to secure objects that could cause damage or injuries; make sure that the gutters of their houses are not obstructed and avoid crossing streams or torrents on foot or with their vehicles during and after a storm; to avoid working in the open or engaging in seaside or waterside activities; to take cover under a structure or inside a vehicle during a hail storm; to avoid walking under large trees or signboards and, more generally, in areas where light objects could become detached and fall on the ground; to follow closely the instructions issued by authorities, such as the traffic police.

In addition,  in areas where snowfall and frost are predicted, people travelling with a car are advised to consult the weather forecast and get information on road conditions before setting out; to travel during the day and only if it is essential and to always carry snow chains; change their travel plans to avoid extreme weather phenomena and inform their next of kin about the route they intend to take.

Finally, for people who intend to be outside on foot, the GSCP advises that they wear several layers of thin clothing rather than one very warm thick layer, as well as weather-appropriate shoes, and to avoid venturing out when conditions are particularly difficult.

Source ANA-MPA
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