Murderer Theophilus Sechidis found dead

46-year-old Theophilus Sechidis, known also as “Thassos’s slaughterer”, was found dead on Tuesday morning at the psychiatric wing of Korydallos prison. Previously, he had filed a release order which had been rejected and a second request was pending.

According to information, he left his last breath during his bath time, probably because of a heart attack, something that remains to be confirmed by the coroner. The murderer was experiencing some serious cardiological problems for years and that’s why he was receiving medication. Some sources referred to the fact that he was overweight and  this morning had a shortness of breath. He was immediately transferred to the prison’s hospital, where after a couple of hours his death was recorded.

Theophilus Sechidis was a student in law school of Thessaloniki back on 1997, when he killed his family in Thassos in a bloodcurdling way. More precisely, he cut into pieces his mother, his father, his sister, his grandmother and his uncle and then he threw their dismembered bodies into the dump. After that, he took some of the cut pieces and put them in the fridge. His later psychiatric diagnosis spoke about schizophrenia.

Sechidis had accepted stolid his adjudication, which condemned him into a 5-times life sentence and total imprisonment of 12 years.

The reason behind the murder was the property and movable assets of the family.


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