Iranian scientist successfully escorted through Greece to Britain and then U.S.

A cross-border intelligence operation was scheduled by renowned western world authorities to successfully transfer an Iranian scientist to U.S. soil.  The scientist caught off guard Iranian watch-keepers and upon travelling throughout Europe masked as a smuggled migrant, successfully defected to Britain. The 47-year-old nuclear scientist managed to desert Iran to escape from possible conviction by local judiciary over espionage and other criminal charges.

The operation was orchestrated by Israeli Mossad agency and was heavily supported by the British MI6 and CIA operatives. The scientist finally managed to finish his 3.000-mile journey across European states and arrive at the British Channel’s shores. MI6 operatives collected the defected scientist and put him into custody protection scheme, before successfully dispatching him to the U.S.  Throughout the scientists cross-border travel, the western intelligence agencies had to create several disruptions to keep contending Iranian operatives distracted from their manhunt of the defected scientist. The Iranian mission tracking down the scientist was an elite force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

The scientist was assisted by western intelligence agencies in exchange for his involvement in a 2012 assassination plot against another Iranian scientist. The defected scientist cooperated with Israeli forces to assassinate Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, the then director of the Natanz Enrichment Complex, Iran’s most renowned uranium enrichment facility. The former director was successfully assassinated through a controlled explosion in his car, resulting in an additional casualty, that of his chauffer. The Israeli intelligence agency undertook his successful exit from Iran and crossing of the Aegean Sea under an improvised dinghy, together with other Iranian migrants. From Greece, MI6 operatives undertook his transfer to Britain.

The scientist is rumoured to provide critical information on the Natanz nuclear facility and other power plants of the Iranian regime. The scientist’s rescue operation coincides with growing disaffection of the U.S. authorities with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.  U.S. President Donald Trump is critical of the deal in that it has not precluded Tehran’s development of its nuclear technology and ballistic missile programmes. The U.S. authorities also condemn the deal on the grounds that it did not preclude Iran’s sustained meddling with the internal affairs of other Middle Eastern states.

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