Farage launches much-anticipated pro-Brexit party

Former European Parliament Member Nigel Farage claimed on Sunday that more than 15.000 people have already subscribed to the mailing list of the new Brexit political party during its first 24 hours since its official registration.

The former representative of Britain to the E.U. at a radio interview claimed that there is still the political appetite in the British public opinion to pursue towards Brexit. Mr. Farage argued that he still awaits for the leaderships of Labour and Conservative Parties to uphold their promises and deliver Brexit to their electoral base. The presence of the new pro-Brexit party only serves as a warning sign, reminding the political parties of the British parliament of their commitment to respect the outcome of 2016 Brexit referendum. According to Mr. Farage, the new party will assume operations only in case where Brexit is delayed beyond the existing deadline of 31 March.

The Electoral Commission granted official recognition to the new pro-Brexit political association on Friday, permitting its members to put candidacy for electoral positions. Still, there are several intra-party aspects to be decided upon before the party fields a list of electoral candidates. Mr. Farage claimed that he will feature in these lists in case Brexit is delayed beyond the March deadline, or the May 2019 European elections are scheduled to be hosted in Britain.

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