Hanoi will host the second nuclear demilitarisation summit between U.S. and North Korea

U.S. President Donald Trump announced during his State of the Union message on Tuesday a second summit meeting with the North Korean counterpart Kim Jong Un will take place in February. The venue details have not been disclosed but the summit will be hosted in Hanoi Vietnam’s capital on late February. The summit will provide an operational roadmap for facilitating international supervision and progressive cessation of Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons programme.

The first North Korea summit took place in June 2018 at Singapore and was among the most highly-anticipated landmark events of the previous year. The positive ambience in the summit nonetheless has not so far been translated into concrete evidence. Both parties simply agreed to take greater de-nuclearisation steps in their arsenals. President Trump’s State of the Union message was reinforced by a Friday twitter correspondence hailing his North Korean counterpart for agreeing to convene in Hanoi and advance the ideal of peace.

The spokesman of South Korea’s Presidency Kim Eui Kyeom argued that Vietnam was the ideal location for resumption of U.S.-North Korean nuclear talks given the historical significance of the place to both countries. U.S. officials also purported the use of Hanoi as an ideal location – a paradigm of reconstruction to be followed by North Korea in the future. Above all, Vietnam represents an impartial broker between both parties, having established warm relations both with the Pyongyang regime and Washington.

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