New Generation Fighter Jets to Replace Eurofighters and Rafale Aircrafts

Berlin and Paris announced on Wednesday a €65 million programme to design next generation fighter aircrafts. Dassault Aviation and Airbus have undertaken to build the new generation fighter jets. The new aircraft is expected to arrive in market by 2040. The joint initiative aspires towards the progressive replacement of French Rafale and German Eurofighters by the new model.

In a top level summit in July 2017, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to establish a corporate blueprint for the eventual creation of a Future Combat Air system, consisted of fighter jets, missiles, aircraft guns and drones. The programme’s blueprint was officially presented before the Franco-German authorities on Wednesday. The French Safran and German MTU Aero Engines will equip the new aircraft with latest technology flight equipment. The blueprint was presented in Safran’s headquarters in Paris on Wednesday. The meeting was attended by the French Armed Forces Minister Florence Palry and her German colleague Ursula von der Leyen. Both parties signed a memorandum of understanding for the joint flight equipment development scheme. Similar memorandums will be concluded with the French electronics conglomerate Thales and the British-headquartered joint missile manufacturing conglomerate MBDA, as other parties to the new generation aircraft scheme. The German minister also verified the forthcoming entry of Spanish defence contractors to the project.

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