Athens International Airport Welcomes the Chinese Year of the Pig with Lucky Zhu Mascot

Athens International Airport (AIA) welcomed on Wednesday the Chinese Year of the Pig. The Airport authorities in close cooperation with Air China executives set up on Wednesday a celebratory event at the airport. The event was attended by airport authorities, airline representatives and aviation officials. Chinese cultural artefacts were exhibited during the event including music processions and dance shows. Samples of Chinese culinary and beverage flavours were also given to passengers in their departure and entry gates. The procession finished with an exchange of gifts to incoming and outbound passengers – an important traditional custom of the Chinese civilisation in praise of the spirit of hospitality.

The Chinese civilisation adopts each year one animal from the 12 Chinese zodiac representatives, which correspond to the 12-month cycle of a year. In Chinese zodiac cycle, the pig is located in the 12th position – signalling the end of an era and the beginning of a new, brighter one. The Pig acts as a reflection of family prosperity and home affairs.

As part of visual celebrations to the Chinese Pig Year, Air China and the airport authorities created a Pig Mascot, named Lucky Zhu – Happy Pig. The Lucky Zhu mascot is position in the entry gates from Chinese flights to greet incoming passengers in Athens. The mascot will remain in place until 20 February, when official celebrations for the Chinese Year of the Pig will conclude.

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