Paris summoned French Ambassador to Rome after Di Maio’s encounter with Yellow Vests

France summoned its ambassador to Italy for deliberations on Thursday. This episode comes two days after the Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio met with the leader of the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) on Tuesday. The Leader of the Five Star Movement Di Maio published a picture in his personal account at the social media, revealing his short trip to Paris to meet with Christophe Chalencon, the Yellow Vests leader accompanied by other members of the revolutionary movement. The Italian Deputy Prime Minister expressed support to the movement’s cause and provided to help protesters achieve their political goals which centre on participation in the forthcoming European elections to be held in May.

France’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Agnes von der Muhll, replied to Mr. Di Maio’s visit that the ambassador’s recall for consultations took place as a response to the unacceptable interference by the Italian authorities in the internal affairs of the French state. The spokesperson concluded her statement inviting Italy to retort back to actions that promote our common destiny within Europe.

The Italian Deputy’s covert visit in Paris to meet with Yellow Vests representatives appears to be a follow-up action to a diplomatic spat initiated on January when Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini publicly acknowledged the French President Emmanuel Macron to be a terrible president. France rebuked criticism and condemned Italy instead for not allowing the docking of rescue vessels on its ports. Rome contravened important international agreements by not endorsing disembarkation and treatment of undocumented people salvaged at sea. The Italian Minister deflected the French government’s criticisms claiming instead Paris’ complicit role in international migration, having colonised several African states in previous centuries.

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