Humanitarian aid reached Jordan’s Rukban camp – a lifeline of hope for 40.000 refugees

Residents in the Rukban refugee camp in Jordan were exhilarated on Wednesday to see the arrival of a U.N. convoy bringing important humanitarian aid to the area. The Wednesday convoy represents the largest one in relation to the volume of donated goods ever since the onset of the Syrian war. The last convoy in the camp was dispatched in early November.

The Wednesday convoy comprised more than 100 trucks transporting fresh food, personal hygiene supplies and emergency medical assistance. The Rukban camp was set up in 2014 and currently shelters more than 40.000 refugees and internally-displaced persons (IDPs) who fled from their homes to escape imprisonment, torture, death or prescription in the army.  The camp is strategically located in Jordan’s northernmost part, near the Syrian-Iraqi borderline. It is located in a demilitarised area, 50 kilometres off the Al Tanf region where U.S. forces are currently garrisoned.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) also participated in Wednesday’s convoy. The organisation dispatched doctors to carry out emergency vaccinations to 10.000 children residing in the camp, to combat the possible expansion of infectious diseases such as measles and polio.

The greatest problem with the camp lies in its appeal to local populations who desert their homes and prefer to stay at the camp and enjoy U.S. forces’ protection than return to their properties and risk falling victims of collateral damage from hostilities of warring parties.

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