Crete ranks among top 5 positions in Sovereign’s list of best travel destinations

The island of Crete is among the world’s top five holiday destinations for those seeking to get the best variety of culture, relaxation and entertainment, according to luxury travel specialist Sovereign. The travel specialist has recently launched an interactive tool to help users find their perfect holiday spot. The new tool breaks down the most popular vacation destinations around the world into different categories. These entail entertainment, culture and relaxation, and cover everything from national landmarks and zoos, to museums and spas. The new tool provides ease for travellers to choose their next holiday destination.

“It can sometimes be difficult to agree on the perfect holiday destination when you’re not traveling alone. Everyone has their own preferences, which is why it is helpful to be pointed towards the top destinations that really do offer something for everyone,” said Helen Adamson, Sovereign brand and commercial Director.

Sovereign’s interactive tool also allows users to filter their options, highlighting the destinations offering the overall greatest holiday balance.

This said, according to Sovereign in terms of greatest holiday balance, Italy’s Sardinia was named the best holiday hot-spot for all types of travellers. Second came Rome securing appraisal for being the best choice on entertainment and culture categories. The top five list was completed by Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and Crete in Greece.

Referring to Crete, the Sovereign report highlights the island’s offerings which cover a variety of tastes: tours, sights and landmarks, museums, shops, zoos and aquariums, water and amusement parks, nightlife, sports, fun and games, nature areas and parks, beaches, spas and wellness facilities.

Under “Best Balanced Breaks”, Sovereign suggests a variety of options in all of the above areas on offer on Crete, including everything from adventure and beaches to culture and nightlife. “Hot, sunny, and formerly home to the labyrinth with its Minotaur, after a day of sunbathing, Crete is great for local food in the tavernas and has over 180 nightlife hot-spots,” Sovereign says.

Completing the list of top 10 ‘best balance’ destinations are Mallorca in Spain, Cancun at Mexico, Portugal’s Algarve resort, Sri Lanka in the Indian Sea, and Bali in Indonesia.

With over 45 years’ of experience in bespoke travel, Sovereign Luxury Travel is part of Travelopia, the world’s largest collection of specialist travel brands. It is fully accredited by prestigious organisations entailing among others ABTA, IATA and ATOL.

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