Mitsotakis certain that New Democracy will win the elections

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis expressed his certainty on Thursday that his party will win the elections whenever they are held in 2019.

Mitsotakis was addressing a European People’s Party (EPP) meeting held in Athens.

He underlined that 2019 will be a critical year for Europe and Greece. He also expressed the belief that European Parliamentary elections may coincide with Greek national elections.

Mitsotakis said that Greece is governed by a strange coalition of a far-right party and a leftist party. “It is a coalition of populists which hurt the country. We have lost the opportunity to develop,” he said.

“When we are talking about entrepreneurship, we are not only talking about entrepreneurs but also private sector workers. There is an urgent need to implement policies that will ensure that they get increases equivalent to increasing productivity. The profits are not only enjoyed by company shareholders but also shared by employees,” he noted, adding that ND is the party that supports the social market economy.

“Everybody benefits from the wealth that is created,” he said.

Speaking about investments in innovation and infrastructure, he explained that this does only concern the construction of roads and bridges, but also digital infrastructure. Greece is not just about tourism and agricultural products, he argued, but also about the entrepreneurial spirit that needs support.

Regarding education, he talked about the need to link public universities with labour market and its needs. In addition, he also stressed the importance of linking technology, tourism and culture, adding that Greece could turn into “a battery of Europe”, based on its solar and wind power capacity.

Source ANA-MPA
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