U.S. urges European officials to reconsider providing access to Chinese companies in 5G networks

Washington officials attempted to persuade their European counterparts to exclude Huawei and other Chinese mobile telecommunications companies from access to 5G technologies. After meetings with European security officials in Brussels, U.S. delegates cited their growing concern over possible security risks posed to European allies in case they agree to provide access to 5G mobile networks on Chinese telecommunications companies.

The U.S. highlighted the possibility that Chinese companies may utilise 5G networks for espionage purposes – a statement vehemently opposed by Huawei Technologies representatives. Washington’s intentions to isolate Huawei and other Chinese mobile tech conglomerates from the European market has intensified trade disputes with Beijing lately.

Huawei has been one of the leading smartphone distributors in terms of sales in Europe According to the U.S. officials, Huawei is an untrusted suppliers and access to 5G networks may severely undermine European states’ security. The U.S. security delegates revealed concrete evidence from lawsuits against Huawei. In 2002, Cisco Systems sued Huawei on the grounds of stealing patented information from wireless routers. In 2010, Motorola initiated proceedings against Huawei accusing the Chinese conglomerate for approaching Motorola employees and recruiting them as informants. Both lawsuits were effectively settled by the parties involved, before the initiation of court proceedings.

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