The Ella-Dika Mas business initiative aspires to revitalise the Greek economy

Business leaders from 52 corporations in Greece have set up on Saturday at a mountainous resort near the city of Trikala the Ella-Dika Mas (Greek-own) initiative. Members of the initiative agreed with Elpedison, a leading electricity provider for cheaper energy charges. This development represents an effort of private companies to protect themselves from market volatility and the rise of electricity expenses, as disclosed on Saturday’s meeting by the President of state-owned Public Power Corporation (DEI), Agis Pistiolas.

Members of the Ella-Dika Mas initiative seek to increase the market share of Greek merchandise in domestic markets. Similar initiatives to the Elpedison agreement concluded in the energy sector have taken place across diverse fields of the economy. Greek corporate bids were preferred in a series of tender processes, from private security contracts to industrial equipment and workforce apparel.  According to domestic industry reports, more than 58% of the Greek consumer base chooses domestic products. Two criteria determine this choice: the presence of superior quality standards at affordable prices.

Corporate founders of the Ella-Dika Mas initiative quickly realised that two preconditions must be met for the eventual success of their concerted action. First and foremostly, domestic market leaders must establish a unitary commercial partnership scheme, and secondly, this scheme must embrace an economies of scale outlook to reduce extra costs. Eurocert undertook to set out the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) required for the seamless formulation of the joint partnership scheme. The presence of Eurocert on Ella-Dika Mas initiative guarantees the market distribution of merchandise adhering to top quality standards – as set by international quality accreditation regimes such as the ISO 9000s series.

The Ella-Dika Mas initiative is currently comprised by 52 Greek businesses with at least ten additional corporate representatives of the domestic market eagerly awaiting to join the scheme in due course. The competitive advantages of the initiative are numerous: business headquarters are located in Greece; the majority of company shares are held by Greek corporate representatives; more than 50% of their workforce are Greek nationals; most of these companies have not only repaid their debts but also projected signs of growth; companies adhere to best labour standards and protect the health and wellbeing of their employees; and produce added-value products and services. Finally, the executive boards of participating companies have established direct lines of communication for best coordination of their economies of scale frameworks.

The 52 business representatives derive from an array of industrial settings. Of them, the greatest majority belongs in the food and beverage industry, with prominent members entail among others Agrino, Greek Canning Company, and Vikos. Other industrial representatives focus on pharmaceuticals (Galenica), personal hygiene (MEGA), energy (CamperGas), stationary (SKAG) and agricultural products (Biosolids).

The greatest accomplishment of the Ella-Dika Mas initiative is the conclusion of competitively priced energy (gas and electricity) package deal from Elpedison both in the industrial setting and in their employees’ households. This deal constitutes the Ella-Dika Mas initiative the 5th largest consumer of electricity resources in Greece. Mrs. Anna Papadimitriou, Executive Director of the business initiative, declared at Trikala that the motto of concerted business action is “Greece dares to produce and cooperate.” Similarly a prominent business owner of a food and beverage company argued that ‘what we ask for is non-intervention of state authorities to our business ventures. Our ambition is to create a market conscience on customers to choose Greek products! Our products!”

The promising inauguration of the Ella-Dika Mas initiative underscores the efforts of national business communities to protect themselves from the destabilising pressures of transnational trade. This development, best known under the motto expressed by the U.S. President Donald Trump, America First, proves that the unrestricted forces of capital markets, when regulated by business communities themselves, can spur growth in domestic environments.

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