President Pavlopoulos meets with Commissioner Andriukaitis

President Prokopios Pavlopoulos received on the occasion of World Cancer Day on Monday Health and Food Safety EU Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis at the Presidential Mansion.

Andriukaitis endorsed the AIM memorandum for the European Elections of 2019, which sets out the priorities of health insurance funds and health mutuals for the next legislative period. More specifically, according to AIM members, more emphasis should be put on health promotion and disease prevention. “Health in all policies” should be the approach of policymakers in all EU institutions. AIM sees enormous potential at EU level to improve health, by focussing on issues such as food quality, vaccination and tobacco use.

Pavlopoulos thanked and congratulated the European Commissioner for his contribution to the health insurance of European citizens and mostly, to the prevention of cancer through strict measures over tobacco control. He also underlined that, at the Commissioner’s recommendation, the European Commission has adopted “the excellent initiative of Professor Panayiotis Behrakis to inform young people, especially students, of the major dangers involved in smoking. An initiative which already has significant and tangible positive results.”

On his part, Andriukaitis, accompanied by Greek Health Minister Alexandros Xanthos, in his brief speech, stressed: “Professor Behrakis is an excellent scientist, but also a leader in the effort to fight cancer. As you know, tobacco and tobacco products are murderous. We all know the harmful effects of tobacco and smoking. It is important to spread this knowledge in society, to ensure that society is aware of the risks in order to fight and prevent cancer.”

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