Cooperation of radical left with the centre-left and the Greens important for Europe, says Tsakalotos

SYRIZA has proved that it can make difficult collaborations without abandoning its principles and its basic principles,” Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos said on Sunday in an interview.

“The cooperation of the radical left with the centre-left and with the Greens is a political undertaking that is essential not only for our country but also for Europe, especially nowadays that the far-right threat revives throughout Europe,” he underlined.

Asked if the party’s principles were affected by the implementation of the third memorandum, he replied: “Of course, we have made some difficult and unpleasant choices in order to exit the memoranda. But I think we did it without losing our compass. So today we are in a position to implement our programme and that makes us all proud.”

The Finance Minister stressed that “the message from the recent exit to the markets is that Greece has steadily stepped on a path of de-escalation of borrowing costs.”

Responding to whether he will negotiate a reduction in primary surplus targets, he said that this is another reason why the European elections are important.

“The election result will determine the EU policy over the next years. It will determine whether austerity will continue to be the answer to all questions,” he explained.

Regarding the reduction of the tax-free threshold, he stated that the government always delivers on its promises and this was proved with the pensions.

Source ANA-MPA
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