The future Republic of North Macedonia will sign NATO accession protocol on Feb 6, says NATO’s Stoltenberg

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) will sign the accession protocol with NATO on February 6, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced on Saturday in a twitter message.

“On 6 February we will write history: #NATO Allies will sign the accession protocol with the future Republic of North Macedonia together with FM @Dimitrov_Nikola,” Stoltenberg wrote.

The accession protocol is the final stage before a country officially joins the ranks of the Euro-Atlantic Alliance. The accession protocol ceremony will concur at NATO headquarters in Brussels.Upon signing the protocol, each member state will receive an official copy and has to ratify it by parliamentary vote. When this process comes to a close, the accession protocol has also to be ratified by the Northern Macedonian parliament.

With the successful conclusion of the Prespes Agreement, Greece has pledged to quickly ratify the neighbouring state’s accession protocol. The parliamentary vote will take place in the forthcoming week, thus giving the green light to Northern Macedonia to circumvent a pressing issue, until today, which undermined its NATO accession aspirations. The rest 28 member-states will ratify the protocol in due course – a process which might potentially last for more than a year. Northern Macedonia is expected to join the Alliance’s ranks as the 30th member-state in 2020.
Source ANA-MPA
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