Space Telecommunications: Hellas Sat 4 will launch from French Guiana on Tuesday

A scheduled launching of the Hellas Sat 4 satellite will take place on Tuesday 5 February. The telecommunications satellite has arrived at the Guiana Space Centre. The space centre is located off the city of Kourou, which in turn lies approximately 60 kilometres north of Cayenne, the capital of French Guiana. French Guiana is part of the South American states and borders with Surinam in north and Brazil in south, respectively.

Arianespace, a leading satellite launch conglomerate has undertake to transport the satellite into orbit. This would be the company’s first voyage for 2019 and will effectively put in orbit two satellites, Hellas Sat 4 and GSAT-31. Hellas Sat 4 is a joint venture between Saudi Arabia and Greece/Cyprus while GSAT-31 serves India’s purposes. Both satellites will become part of the Ariane 5 rocket vehicle which will transfer them into earth’s exterior. While in orbit, Hellas Sat 4 will perform two major duties. On behalf of Saudi Arabia, it will facilitate secure telecommunications for the Gulf Cooperation Council. In Greece and Cyprus the satellite will improve quality of telecommunications and global positioning systems (GPS) and hand over geological and meteorological information services to Greece and Cyprus. Hellas Sat 4  seeks to distribute the technical capabilities of 5G wireless connectivity to more than three million customers in Greece and Cyprus. The U.S. conglomerate Lockheed Martin Space finalised construction of Hellas Sat 4.

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