Shifts in political landscape will leave New Democracy marginalised, says Gerovassili

Minister for Citizen Protection Olga Gerovassili, in an interview on Saturday said that SYRIZA’s coalition with ANEL was a choice that was necessary “so that the country could exit the program and return to growth.”

“The diverging positions of the two parties on the national issue [the name of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia] were known and stated in advance,” Gerovassili said, adding that “in any case, each one of us will be judged for the stance we chose, before as well as after.”

She then expressed the opinion that the Prespes Agreement and the fact that “life is returning to normality with optimism,” will have a positive effect on SYRIZA’s electoral results.

Asked about Prime Minister’s Alexis Tsipras recent statement for the formation of a greater progressive front against the neoliberal right-wing forces, Gerovassili said that “this is the main issue at stake for the progressive and pro-European political powers.”

This progressive front will include “all those who are unequivocally in favour of a democratic Europe, of a Europe promoting social cohesion as well as protecting the citizens’ political and social rights,” the minister said.

“History will not forgive us if we don’t all join our forces to create a strong front,” she added, stressing also that once this reconfiguration of the political framework has been completed, New Democracy will find itself isolated.

Source ANA-MPA
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