Athens Spirit Airlines: Greece’s New Airline Carrier

The Greek aviation market expects to welcome a new airline carrier by April 2019. The new airline carrier emerged as an idea back in the summer of 2017 but it was not until early January 2019 when its executive board officially petitioned for recognition and certification by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority. The new company’s registered brand is Athens Spirit Airlines. Capital investments from affluent stakeholders of the Greek diaspora in the U.S, Canada and elsewhere constitute the financial makeup of the newly-found company.  Four narrow-bodied Airbus A319 and two wide-body A340 jets, suited for long-distance travel, will comprise the company’s aircraft fleet. Total capital investments will exceed $1 billion.

Athens Spirit Airlines is poised to compete against Aegean Airlines, Greece’s prominent air carrier and one of the most renowned brands within the ranks of Star Alliance. Other important contenders entail Aegean’s subsidiary Olympic Airways, and the emerging aviation carriers Ellinair and Sky Express. Dimitris Dorizas enlist Athens Spirit Airlines in the Greek Business Registry. Mr. Dorizas is a founding member and chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. Dimitris Dorizas is an experienced pilot and former manager of Olympic Airways, with more than 16 years tenure in the company. Mr. Dorizas had previously attempted to establish Sky Greece Airlines in October 2012. In May 2015, Sky Greece Airlines acquired its first wide-body aircraft, Boeing 767-300ER. However, the company filed for bankruptcy six months after its official entry in the Greek aviation market.

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