Pappas stresses need for leftist and progressive forces to coordinate

Minister for Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media Nikos Pappas, in an interview on Tuesday, said that the government will complete its four-year term despite the opposition’s aspirations for early elections.

He explained that some had hoped that the government would fall as a result of the FYROM name issue. On the contrary, he added, the government succeeding in passing the budget, the confidence vote, the Prespes Agreement through parliament, while a series of positive measures were yet to come.

Pappas stressed the need for all left and progressive forces to get together and coordinate their action. This was not for the survival of one party or another, he explained, but a need of society. The crisis years 2010-2015 had left immense inequalities in their wake, he said, which as Greece emerged from the crisis could only be reduced through progressive and left-wing policies. “Especially at a time when there are these developments in Europe: on the one hand, we have Orban and Kurz demolishing the eight-hour work day, and on the other hand, the governments of Portugal, Spain and Greece that are raising the minimum wage and restoring collective bargaining.”

Referring to the tension in the Aegean, he said that “Greece, with an increased diplomatic weight, will continue to work for stability in the wider region.”

Source ANA-MPA
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