“Photos of Drama and its wonderful world” at Pireos Benaki Museum

A unique exhibition titled “Photos of Drama and its wonderful world”, is currently on show at the Benaki Museum (Pireos) through to February 10, 2019.

Drama, the understated and remote capital, as well as the whole homonymous prefecture of eastern Macedonia in northern Greece, stands forth as a “habitat” of historic memory, as well as an exemplary safe haven for a multitude of life forms, being a centre of spectacular biodiversity. This reality is documented in the homonymous album and the photographic exhibition curated by Aris Theodoridis.

The photographs can in no way substitute the multi-sensory experience a visitor may obtain through direct contact with the land, its people, its nature, its plants and wild animals. They can provide, nevertheless, an initial acquaintance with a startlingly beautiful region, which, despite its advantageous peculiarities, has never been included among the targets of the official strategy for touristic promotion and development. And yet Drama –both the city and the prefecture– has contributed tremendously to history, culture, economy, sports and ecology. It is a place that has to be approached with knowledge, respect and love.

Source ERT
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