Centeno: There will be no more programmes for Greece

One of the most important tasks of 2018 was Greece’s exit from the programme, Eurogroup president Mario Centeno said in an interview.

“So August 20th is a very important day for the euro area as it is the date which put an end to the programme in the euro area,” he said.

“It is very important for everyone, but especially for the Greek people. Three programmes, eight years, lots of reforms, very harsh measures that we all expect to pay out in terms of growth, in terms of social cohesion. There is still a lot to do, but Greece is finally taking care of all its subjects and problems on their own. No more programmes – this is very important,” Centeno added.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Greek Ministry of Finance and Greece’s creditors’ heads of missions will hold a series of meetings evaluating the post-programme course of the Greek economy from 17:00 on Tuesday until Friday.

According to sources in the government, the most important topics on the agenda are:
a) Fiscal issues (especially non-performing or “red” loans, and the new home-protection scheme that will replace the so-called “Katseli law”)
b) Appointments of secretaries general in the public sector; and
c) Privatisations

Following the conclusion of the meetings, the International Monetary Fund, a representative of whom is travelling with the mission, will issue a report with its evaluation. A report will also be published by the European Commission, based on which the Eurogroup scheduled to be held on March 11 will approve the release of profits from Greek bonds currently held by the European Central Bank and European national banks. The Commission report will be released to the public on February 27.

Source ANA-MPA
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